April 6 – World Health Day

April 6 – World Health Day

The Institute of Occupational Health of the Republic of Macedonia, WHO Collaborative Center, is traditionally celebrating the World Health Day, which this year is dedicated to the depression.

Prof. Dr. Jovanka Karadzinska-Bislimovska, head of the WHO Collaborative Center for Occupational Medicine, opened the event highlighting the need to talk about the more common phenomenon-depression. In Macedonia, over the last 10 years, more than 200 000 thousand people have been suffering from this disease, that is, every fifth woman and every tenth man. Most often it is an age category of 30-50 years.

Dr. Dragan Mijakoski spoke about depression and her repercussions in the workplace. Namely, when a person is under depression, his motivation is reduced, had a problem with involvement in the work process, cognitive problems that lead to the appearance of presentism – the employee is present at the workplace, but does not perform quality work.

Frequent talks with colleagues are needed in order to create safe and healthy workplaces, but also professional help from doctors specialists in occupational medicine.

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