Public debate on OSH in agriculture

On 28.11.2022, in the premises of the Alexander Palace Hotel, a public debate was held on the topic: “Perspectives and challenges for the establishment of an effective system of safety and health at work in the agricultural sector”. The purpose of the debate was to address the need for establishment of a system of preventive protection for agricultural workers through the adoption and application of effective occupation and health measures based on international legal standards.
The public debate was attended by the representatives from the Macedonian Occupation and Health Association, the International Labor Organization, the Institute of Agriculture, Faculty of Law – “Justinian Prima”, the Institute of Occupational Medicine, the Inspection Council, representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as well as representatives of agricultural associations and independent farmers.
The speakers at the public debate were: Kiril Ristovski, president of CED Florozon; Milan Petkovski,MOSHA; Darko Docinski, assistant head of the Department for policies in the field of labor law and employment policies, MLSP; Emil Krstanovski, ILO; Lazar Jovevski, professor at Faculty of Law – “Justinian Prima”, Igor Veljanovski and Medjit Yusufi form the Inspection Council and Sasho Stolevski from the Institute of Occupational Medicine.
At the debate, a special focus was directed towards the International Convention on OSH in agriculture which was discussed as a mechanism for effective protection at agricultural work. Professor Lazar Jovevski referred to findings and recommendations from the GAP analysis for OSH in agriculture, while the members of the inspection council spoke about the role of the inspection council in the creation of inspection policies in the field of OSH. Milan Petkovski referred to the role of civil society organizations in the decision-making process in the field of OSH, and d-r Sasho Stolevski referred to the preventive culture for safety and health at work.
It was concluded that it is necessary to adopt new legal standards, but also to increase the awareness of the institutions about the health status of farmers in the Republic of North Macedonia and the insufficient finances dedicated to solving the problems in this sector.

Policy Paper on OSH in agriculture

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