Three day workshop in Vrnjacka Banja 23 – 25 11 2022

In period 23-25 November 2022 a three day workshop is held in Vrnjacka Banja where representatives  and OSH managers of major Serbian companies were present as well as trade union representatives and OCS activists, so we had opportunity to change our points of view, experiences and to discuss about new OSH legislation that is preparing in Serbia. One of the participant was Petar Naumovski, president of our project partner MOSHA so we had opportunity to hear the experiences from North Macedonia.

Moderator of the Workshop was Dejan Zagorac, president of Eco Center and Lecturers were director of Occupational Medicine Institute DR Aleksandar Milovanovic and chief inspector of Inspectorate of OSH Maja Ilic. The last day of workshop we divided the group in three sections in order to prepare policy paper for decision makers. In that documents participants of the Workshops expressed their views and opinions about how to improve OSH system in Serbia, with emphasis on sectors such as occupational medicine, occupational safety and health, agriculture, and role of civil society organization in system of OSH in Serbia.