Comparative Analyses of National OSH Councils in IPA Countriesational

The subject of this comparative analysis was carried out at the request of the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association – MOSHA, as a Coordinator of the project “Enhancing Labor Conditions and Occupational Safety and Health as Support to the Western Balkan Countries towards Accessing the European Union”, supported by the European Commission. Proposed activity aims at providing a comparative analysis based on the draft individual analysis of the OSH Councils in North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia, focusing on their function. The comparative analysis shall serve as the initial document for access, rewarding, modifications and amendments to the profile of the OSH Councils and the engagement of the civil society organizations in their operation. The comparative analysis and the best practices shall be drafted together with the countries from the region (Slovenia, Croatia, and the other European countries). This analysis document shall also serve a basic for undertaking further activities in Albania and Montenegro concerning the establishment of the OSH Councils in these countries.