Worksop- preparation of regional study and strategy for OSH

From 4-6 december in Ohrid, Macedonia, was held the workshop for prepartion of regional study and strategy for OSH.

The purpose of the workshop was analysis of all five national studies on safety and health at work project countries – Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia.

Workshop representatives briefly presented their national studies covering: Law on Safety and Health at Work, by laws that are aimed at implementing the Law, compliance with the International Standards, the competent institutions for safety and health at work, the role of social partners, records in the field of safety and health at work, etc.

Regarding the Law on Occupational Safety and Health, all attendees stated that the Law follows the Framework Directive on Occupational Safety and Health 391/89 ECCC, but the harmonization of national laws with the ILO standards (conventions and recommendations) is different.

As for the organizational framework and enforcement mechanisms, were covered followed:

competent institutions for occupational safety and health, labor inspection, occupational safety professionals, labor medicine services, national councils for safety and health at work, specialized, technical, medical and scientific institutions, education, or individual institutions that carry out activities in this field (such as studies and research), professional associations, and social partners.

– The inspection bodies (labor inspection), also have certain suggestions for the implementation of the OSH regulations related to large number of accidents at work. Regarding occupational diseases, unfortunately in almost all countries, there are no relevant data.

– Most of the participants expressed interest in sharing experiences for the function of profession alassociations for safety and health at work, the role of experts, both individuals and legal entities in the activities in this field. Although in the beginnings of the creation of experts, the legislation was quite similar, after 10 years of implementation, still exists the need for intervening in these regulations. Covered topics: increasing the capacities of candidates in process of taking the exam for OSH expert, change of criteria for taking the exam etc.

  • In some countries the organization of occupational medicine services is at a higher level, while in others, there is no organized system of the services of occupational medicine.
  •  In line with the ILO Convention No. 55 each of the states has a government body, Council for Safety and Health at Work in accordance with national law criteria. These bodies, although advisory, their contribution is of great importance in policy making as strategic documents and the adoption of regulations in this area.
  • Among other things, was mentioned this question: do countries have established education in the field of OSH (in primary and secondary schools as a subject, and in higher education as study programs). In some countries, subjects are envisaged in this area, while in most countries there are study programs in all three degrees of higher education, ex. graduate, postgraduate, doctoral studies.

The significance of these education programs is the basis for the development and promotion of OSH.

Regarding education in most countries, the continuous education refers to occupational safety professionals, whereby professionals raise their professional capacity, adding new value to the OSH systems.

  • Regarding the importance of the media, the participants pointed out that in the last years, especially with the start of the project implementation, has been improved the cooperation of the media with the civil society organizations working in the field of occupational health and safety. Frequent are guest appearances in TV shows, newspaper articles, but not only in the direction of accidents at work, but also of educational character.

Proposals and conclusions from this workshop will be relevant material and document in the direction of drafting a joint regional study and strategy for joint action on safety and health at work.

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