The principle of safety at work is a constitutional principle provided for under Article 64 Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Constitution of Montenegro. Constitutional right is the right to work, to free choice of profession and employment, to just and humane conditions of work and safety during unemployment. Every employee has the right to salary and the right to limited working hours and paid vacation. Healthy, motivated and satisfied workforce is important for the social and economic well-being of any country. Occupational safety and health contribute to greater employee satisfaction, higher productivity and greater interest in the achievement of organizational goals and interests. Low levels of health and safety at work affect: reduction of motivation, reduction in performance, increase in staff turnover, and increase in the number of injuries at work, increase in the rate of sick leave and in the rate of disability. Occupational accidents, occupational diseases and diseases related to work reduce gross domestic product as well as the well-being of a state and other entities. Any injury in a workplace or any occupational disease acquired by an employee in a workplace represents a major expense for the employers. Tired, discouraged and dissatisfied employees are unproductive, ineffective and uncreative at work, which results in major losses suffered by the employer. The effectiveness of occupational safety and health depends on the degree of involvement of all the factors with the employer, and at all other levels. Risk assessment and appropriate measures to protect health and safety at work allow employers improve the productivity, and increase their profits. An employer, who is aware of the importance of health and safety at work, will invest more than a required minimum, and thus provide an appropriate level of long-term occupational safety and health of its employees. This study provides a comprehensive overview of safety and health at work in Montenegro, situational analysis and recommendations for further improvement in this area…