In addition is the Study for Occupational Safety and Health at work for Republic Macedonia. With
exceptional pleasure and pride, I can once more, emphasize the pioneering work of the Macedonian
Occupational Safety and Health Association, in cooperation with partners which continuously is
working on promotion of safety and health at work, protection on health, psycho-physical integrity of
individuals and all others, direct and indirect participants in working process.
This Study, as a work of high quality readingtext it is intended for a broader target group: starting
from occupational safety and health professionals, occupational safety professionals, occupational
medicine practitioners, also to company managers (both domestic and foreign) and employees who
can be informed in one place about one issue that directly, personally concerns them.
The study is an extraordinary work that attempts to portray the safety and health in a unique way
through concrete bases arising from the framework Directive on Occupational Safety and Health
89/391, transposed in the Law on Occupational Safety and Health in the now distant 2007. This
framework, of course, is incomplete, unless the by-laws, such as rulebooks that define safety and
health, are not mentioned.
This Study presents you, in a fairly understandable way, a complex network of interconnected
organizations and institutions working on the implementation, supervision and promotion of
occupational safety and health. There are certainly inevitable insurance and compensation systems
in cases of accident at the workplace, which, as mechanisms, are activated when the prevention fails.
By giving you this set of information related to the profession that for me personally means a life call,
I hope that it will inspire you and personally step on the path of individual creativity when it comes
to occupational safety. This beautiful profession is not shy and mysterious at all, but it is much more
demanding from each of us to raise our voice clearly and loudly in the direction of saving one more
life. Safe and healthy to return the worker to his family with all the dignity and pleasure that we
together build the tower of life.
Many thanks to the colleague,
Milan PETKOVSKI, MSc, grad OSH eng
Macedonian Occupational Safety and
Health Association