European week for safety and health at work

European week for safety and health at work

The Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association as the Focal Point of EU-OSHA for Macedonia, and as a primary contributor to the implementation of the OS-OSHA OSH programs, promotes the agency’s campaign each year.
For this purpose, the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association, marking the European week for safety and health in the period from 22 th-26th october, using the translated materials from the campaign ” MANAGE DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES 2018-19 (, prepared more events through Macedonia, as follows:

Promotion of the campaign using a Skype conference link, at the same time, promotion of the campaign by Focal Point Manager in 6 companies, in 4 cities (Skopje, Negotino, Probistip, Veles):

• Strabag
• Technical Institute
• Progen3
• Zletovica- Probishtip
• MOONSUNA Consalting
• Okta
Civil society organization:
• Textile cluster

Promotion of the campaign:

– in front of the students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the campaign “MANAGE DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES 2018-19 ” was presented, as well as the importance of OSH, as one of the most important factors in quality living.

 – for representatives of the National Council for Safety and Health at Work within an event organized by the International Labor Organization: Discussion of the comparative analysis of the legislative framework for the OSH of Macedonia in relation to the Convention No. 187 on the promotional framework for OSH.

– in Adient – Shtip, attended by more than 30 representatives from various companies outside the associates of the host.

–  in front of representatives of 15 trade union organizations in the framework of the training “Law on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and the role of trade union representatives”. The purpose of the training was to strengthen their participation in the processes of creating and implementing policies in the field of OSH, as well as cooperation with other stakeholders in the field of OSH, including Public institutions.
– in Hotel „Park” where the attendants were employed in: kitchen, technical and hygienic maintenance, as well as to the managers in these sectors.

– on meeting with representatives of YESAlumni Macedonia at the American Council. The cooperation and presentation of the campaign continued at the event organized by their side titled “Human library” attended by representatives of the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association:
– in „Granit” in front of employees of organizational units: laboratory, quarries, department for standards management, safety and health at work.

During the whole week, professionals for safety at work in companies :”Feni Industry”; “Derven Veles”; Telekom had presentations for its employees.

Companies where materials were distributed and involved in campaign support:• Branimir company
• Auto Macedonia
• Mimaco
• Angtoteks Shtip
• Balcan energy group- BEG
• Communal hygiene
• Vekamp

Civil society organizations:
• Decent worker
• Organization of employers
• Regional Advocacy Center Delcevo
• Bravura

Trade union organizations: Branch trade unions from: Trade Unions of Macedonia and Confederation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

On Fourth International Conference for regional cooperation OSH Accord; Kosovo, Prishitna
Kosovar occupational safety and health association in jount organization with Macedonian occupational safety and health association, Safety at Work Association of Montenegro with support of „Sharercem“ and „Friedrich ebert stiftung“.
130 participants from 8 countries from the region took part.Participants was also of organizations of BalkanOSH network.
The participants were able to choose between two parallel sessions and participation in workshops on various topics related to OSH as well as interactive forum.
Representative of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Mr. Tsvetomir Tsanev, presented the campaign „Маnage dangerous supstances“.
Тhe entire conference took place with live streaming:

Project manager, Mr.Milan Petkovski, project officer Slavica Jankova and PR officer Andrijana Zafirovska, on these events promoted the project „Increasing capacities and strengthening of the role of the regional CSOs for improvement of the labour conditions and dialogue with public institutions”.

The campaign ” MANAGE DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES lasts until 2019, so the efforts of the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association in the direction of its promotion with all stakeholders continue.

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