„Healthy Environment for Healthy Workеrs“

Despite the EU trends for mitigation of the climate change effects, reduction of the industrial pollution and providing healthier environment, the last decade for the Republic of Macedonia was marked with reaching records especially in air quality index (AQI) making the Capital and towns surrounded by industrial activities (Tetovo, Kumanovo, Bitola) number one, the most polluted urban areas in the world.
Air pollution has been linked with both acute and chronic health effects such as heart disease, respiratory diseases, and allergic disorders. Air pollutants that are known to affect respiratory health include ground level ozone and particle pollution. Numerous factors including work-site location and weather conditions may affect occupational exposure to air pollution.
The Construction sector among others has been identified as an area that can generate “green” jobs. However, the current practices in Macedonia nourishes the traditional way of construction which from workers perspective, means long working hours outdoor, exposed to difficult climate conditions.

The project „Healthy Environment for Healthy Workеrs“ implemented by CED Florozon, aims to identify gaps in national legislation regarding the health and safety of open-air workers in conditions of enormous air pollution; to raise public awareness and to act preventive against the prevention of illness and accidents at work through conducting investigative journalism for OSH.

What kind of data we will come from research stories, which is the connection between the occurrence of severe health conditions in open-air workers and working in conditions of extreme air pollution, what is the impact of air pollution on the productivity of outdoor workers and their impact on the economy and the state budget for health? Does the existing regulation additionally provide prevention, improvements related to the safety and health of outside workers? Finally, are open workers safe and productive in their jobs? Follow us in the next period to find the truth and jointly make changes…

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