Regional advocacy center- Delchevo


Researching: Determination of the situation at the east region in 5 cities (Delcevo, Pehcevo, Berovo, Makedonska Kamenica and Vinica. In the research that will be carried out, 10 companies from the business sector and 10 from the public sector will be involved, companies and institutions that perform various activities. Also the research includes 200 survey leafs for workers, the surveys will be made according to a specially prepared methodology. The purpose of both types of research is to establish the situation regarding the application of the OSH Law, to determine which needs and problems are faced by workers and employers, whether protective measures are applied and based on that conclusions and recommendations for improvement safety and health at work in these municipalities. This activity will be completed to the end of September.


Investigated journalism: After research is completed the next activity is media preparation of the video story based on the results of the investigated journalism. Based on the results of investigated journalism which will emerge a story for some of the companies, whether as a positive or negative result, will be prepared a story for investigated cases. The prepared video for the case story will be posted on all regional TV and social media.


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