Promoted study in Ohrid, Macedonia

Within the project -“Increasing capacities and strengthening of the role of the regional CSOs for improvement of the labor conditions and dialogue with Public Institutions”, the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association has developed a study on Occupational Safety and Health. This Study is a high quality work a reading that is intended for a broader target group; starting with occupational safety and health professionals, occupational safety professionals, occupational medicine practitioners, but also for company managers (both domestic and foreign) and for the employees themselves

This study presents you, in a fairly understandable way, a complex network  from interconnected organizations and institutions working on implementation, oversight and promoting safety and health at work. Of course, the systems are also unavoidable for insurance and compensation in cases of accident at the workplace, which as mechanisms are activated when prevention fails.

The study was promoted by the author Msc.Trajche Velkovski  of a workshop that was held in Ohrid, Macedonia.


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