Ninth Congress on Safety and Health at Work- Istanbul

The project manager Milan Petkovski,  was part of the ninth Congress on Safety and Health at Work, held in Istanbul. The motto was “Coordination and Cooperation in Occupational Health and Safety”.

The main objective was to discuss the steps that can be taken to improve OSH at the global level, by sharing information between countries and international organizations.

Participants were representatives from public institutions and non-governmental organizations of Turkey; International OSH organizations such as EU-OSHA, ENETOSH, G20 EWG OSH NETWORK, OIC-OSHNET, PEROSH, ASEAN-OSHNET, ENSHPO, BALKAN OSHNET; international stakeholders in the field of OSH such as ILO, ICOH, WHO, ISSA, IALI, SESRIC, SMIIC.

Issues for discussion were:

  • Is it possible to establish a new body that will provide coordination and collaboration between OSH organizations at global level?
  • Is it possible to develop projects which all stakeholders can collaborate at global level?
  • Is it possible to conduct a joint study to keep the OSH statistics on the same standard at global level? And is it possible to keep these statistics in a database?
  • How to share good practices between organizations?
  • Can ILO provide a technical support in this Global Initiative?

Project manager, Mr. Milan Petkovski in this direction emerged with the initiative, to establish a website, as a kind of generator of news from all networks, which will be shared. This idea has come across a special reception from the audience .

Also, by him was presented the BALcanOSH network and the project: the beginnings, where did the initiative come from, which are the basic parameters of action, etc.




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