Report on Grant Info Session Held in Tirana on 6 of December 2017

Report on Grant Info Session

Held in Tirana on 6 of December 2017

According to the planned activities of the project “Increasing capacities and strengthening the role of regional CSOs for improving labour conditions and labour dialogue with Public institutions”, implemented by the Balkan OSH Network, with partner in Albania AOSHC (Albanian Occupational Safety and Health Center) on 6 of December, held in Tirana the meeting Grant Info Session

Sub-granting programmer is funded under Action “Increasing capacities and strengthening of the role of the regional CSOs for improvement of the labor conditions and dialogue with Public Institutions”, reference number 2015/370-380, funded by the European Commission as part of the Civil Society Facility and Media Programmer 2014-2015: Support to regional thematic networks of Civil Society Organizations.


The global objective of this Call for Proposals is to stimulate effective links between the Civil Society and Media Organization in promotion of OSH practices, social issue and labour condition and improvement of the representativeness, credibility and sustainability of CSOs in the IPA region.

The specific action grants are for support of civil/media organizations in OSH investigative stories production in the IPA region.

Target groups were:

Civil society organization and Media organization, (about 30 representatives of CSO-s).

The General overview of the meeting

In the event, a detailed presentation on the Priorities of the Grant Programme Project, the method of application and the criteria to be met by the applicants, was provided by Officer of Project Frosina Gjino. Priorities of the Grant Programme Project proposals should include actions that: encourage the development of OSH investigative journalism; affect society in terms of raising awareness of occupational safety and health; offer an innovative approach capable of causing an effect on the changing attitudes of citizens, increase awareness and the need for quality OSH research aimed at achieving safe and productive jobs and healthy workers, and at the same time emphasize the role of professional and ethical journalism in the print and electronic media; in one part OSH research stories will influence public policies and reforms in the OSH in order to prepare the Western Balkan countries for EU accession are innovative research stories that have not been previously published and printed in the media.


The activity was very useful and the participants were very active. One of the main conclusion of the activity was strengthening the cooperation, to contribute towards the improving the respect of labour rights in our societies with a special focus on the right to healthy and safe workplace. Sub-granting program will help the participants to demonstrate their impact in order to be focus on safety and health issues by applying on different ideas. This will advance and strengthen civil society capacity, networks/linkages and innovation to better address community and social challenges.


The visibility of the training was in line with project requirements

Following are some photos of activity.

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