INFO SESSION HELD IN SKOPJE 6th of December 2017

According to the planned activities of the project “Increasing capacities and strengthening the role of regional CSOs for improving labour conditions and labour dialogue with Public institutions”, Маcedonian occupational safety and health association, on 6 of December, held a meeting Grant Info Session.

Specific action grants are intended to support civil / media organizations in creating research stories about safety and health at work in the IPA region. To improve the quality, development in security, to influence the society, to offer innovative approaches how to cooperate the civil sector through the media with public institutions, to implement European standards, to raise public awareness, to bring the integration of the European Agency closer to IPA countries to Europe.

Program of the information session: – Call goals and priorities – Procedural and contractual aspects of the call – Questions and answers.

What research stories should be done, whether an organization with one application, which organizations are eligible, which type of media as partners, in which phase to engage the partner organization were part of the questions of presents on grant info session.

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