Report on Regional Training Held in Durres on 14-15-16 of November 2017

Report on Regional Training Held in Durres on 14-15-16 of November 2017

According to the planned activities of the project “Increasing capacities and strengthening the role of regional CSOs for improving labour conditions and labour dialogue with Public institutions”, implemented by the Balkan OSH Network, with partner in Albania AOSHC (Albanian Occupational Safety and Health Center) on 14-15-16 of November, Three-day training by the project was held on the 14th-16th of November 2017 at Hotel “FAFA Premium”, Golem, Durres, Albania

Training modules were focused on knowledge transfer for improvement of the staff members of regional CSOs on developing a communication strategy, communication tools and techniques with public and media outlets.

The objectives of training

Overall project objective of training was enabling environment for dialogue between regional CSOs and public institutions for improving labor conditions.

The training was focused in more dynamic civil society through networking, advocacy, long-term strategic organizational planning and fostering the level of involvement and inclusion of CSOs in decision making process related to safe and healthy labor conditions.

The other objective was; Identification of needs, shortcomings and problems of civil society organizations, trade unions organizations and media, their involvement and policy-making in society, building partnerships between them in decision-making, encourage dialogue to improve working conditions, facilitate exchange of knowledge, skills and connections as well as increasing and expanding their influence in campaigns and advocacy in the strategic operational plans and policies at national and regional level and also raising public awareness of the importance of professional practices, social issues and civil organizations.

Target groups were CSOs, Public Institutions, Trade Unions, Employers’ Organizations and Media.

Participated the training also Mr. Tim Tregenza, Tsvetomir Tsanev, Malcolm McItyre, Slavica Jankova and Fatmir Saracini

Training was delivered by Expert – Gyorgy KAROLY, Expert – Mario VELJKOVIK, Expert – Bojan KORDALOV –Expert Eda BEQIRI-Local Expert.In the training by Tim Tregenza was launched European Campaign “Healthy Workplaces for All Ages” and by Malcolm McIntyre was launched IOSH Campaign “No Time to Lose”.

The General overview of training

In order to further develop of relationships, with the goal of improving of awareness and knowledge three day training was provided focused in following areas:

  • Basic OSH standards and labour conditions in the context of the relevant EU directives and national legislation;
  • Strengthening the management capacities of CSOs, including in strategic planning, project management, transparency measures and principles of effective and sustainable fundraising; and
  • Developing technical and organisational skills required to participate effectively in policy-making processes.

The training curriculum was focused on studying models and tools that work well in other countries and adapting these concepts to the local context. To achieve this, local and EU experts were engaged in the curriculum development and delivery training. Participants from each target group participated actively in workshop-style training. The concrete ideas were discussed toward the OSH sphere in general.


The activity was very useful and the participants were very active. One of the main conclusions of the activity was strengthening the cooperation, to contribute towards the improving the respect of labour rights in our societies with a special focus on the right to healthy and safe workplace. This will be achieved through advocate governments to implement and when necessary improve legislation referring to the health and safety at work, including role of workers representatives and health & safety councils.

The training programs will help the participants to advocate for recognition of CSOs roles and voices, impact for the benefit of the marginalized, get advices to help in the struggle for funding, learn opportunities, demonstrate their impact in order to secure public support, define what on enabling environment for CSOs looks like and how the networking on national and regional level can help them in influencing policy Decision-Making Process. The training meets different stakeholders by supporting local activism and policy advocacy initiatives in field of labour rights and decent work agenda. This training will advance and strengthen civil society capacity, networks/linkages and innovation to better address community and social challenges.


The visibility of the training was in line with project requirements and at the end of the meeting were distributed to the participants, various materials and leaflets for safety and health at work, translated into Albanian. Participants were also donated by a glass with project symbols and BALcanOSH symbols. These trainings serve to develop the capacity of human resources, to build sustainability and increase communication among all actors of the Albanian OSH Network and increase the visibility of project activities. The training was largely showed in Albanian Public Television for about 25 minutes, in a directly emission and 2 articles were written in Albanian Newspapers.

Following are the links of Albanian Public Television, 2 articles in Albanian Newspaper and some photos and videos of training.


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