THE REPORT OF THE 3-DAY TRAINING IN BUDVA, 19th to the 21st of September 2017

Within the project “Increasing capacities and strengthening the role of regional CSOs for improving labour conditions and labour dialogue with public institutions”, SWAM held  a 3-day training from the 19th to the 21st of September 2017 at the ”Slovenska plaža“ Hotel, in Budva. The training focused on the basics of safety and health at work, the working standards, labour conditions, advocacy and CSO and media representatives’ lobying skills. 30 representatives from the following organizations took part:

– public institutions – Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, The Administration for Inspection Affairs, Employment Agency of Montenegro, Occupational Medicine.

– media organizations,

– CSO’s – that advocate for women’s rights, protection of employees and human rights, young people’s rights etc.

The 3-day training provided interactive discussions in the area of safety and health at work, as an important matter in our society.

The training was implemented by proffesional lecturers from all around the country and other European experts, with the aim to improve the CSO representatives’ knowledge in the development of communicational strategies and tools, as well as technics with media organizations, with the aim to raise public awareness about the improvement of labour conditions.

The montenegrin expert Zlatko Popovic, OSH Inspector, presented the national legislation in the area of safety and health at work, risk assesment, injuries and accidents at work.

Expert – Gyorgy Karoly from Hungary introduced the participants to the Directive 89/391, European strategy 2014-2020, the role and function of the European social dialogue with the aim to improve the labour conditions, as an example of good practice and the possibility of creating CSO networks in order to strengthen them.

Expert – Mario Veljkovic presented strategic planning as a part of the strategic managing, lobbying and advocacy, the strengthening of alliance building and networking CSO’s, with the aim to achieve policy and control changes on a national and international level.

Expert – Bojan Kordalov caused great interest when speaking about the importance and the role of PR/Media for CSO’s – the communication, cooperation and partnership between these two, as well as about investigative journalism.

During the training  the „No Time to Lose“ Campaign was presented, and  exposure to the UV rays was emfasized and presented by the expert John Lacey,  as a representative of IOSH, from the UK.

The participants were very satisfied with the traning’s organization, as well as the knowledge and skills they gained during it, and expressed interest in a continious cooperation.

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