Round table-“Draft Strategy on Safety and Health at Work 2020”

The “Draft Strategy on Safety and Health at Work 2020”, which was presented today at a round table in front of several trade unions and associations, envisages increasing the competencies of institutions in the area of ​​informing employers, protecting the health of workers, which in turn involves regular controls , as well as establishing a register that will refer to workers at special risk.

According to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mila Carova, it is of particular importance that the proposed “Draft Strategy on Safety and Health at Work 2020” should be considered in detail by representatives of trade unions, associations, as well as the two key institutions, that is, the State Labor Inspectorate Ministry of Health.

“The strategy will be a key document for safety and health at work, because we have an urgent need for safer and more humane conditions for workers in Macedonia. Moreover, we must compulsorily align our standards with the European ones, and that is the goal that we strive for. In this strategy, the proposals that are offered are appropriate and only with further discussion we will get an even better strategy and we will undertake the obligations to work on its implementation.

Several models are proposed in the communication between institutions and involvement of employers in creating the conditions. We also have the protection of the health of the worker, that is, controls, involvement in the institutions, and we anticipate a register that will refer to workers who are at special risk, “emphasized Minister Carovska.

The Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association informs that many workers do not know the rights when it comes to occupational safety. Milan Petkoski from this association stressed that this fact is confirmed by the research they carried out that indicate that a large part of the employees did not know where to look for information regarding the safety and health at work at their workplace.

Резиме од вчерашната одржана тркалезна маса на која се дискутираше за „Нацрт стратегијата за безбедност и здравје при работа 2020"

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