Conference “Improving social dialogue”

On March 27, 2017 within the project “Improving social dialogue”, the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia presented a draft protocol for social progress. This strategic document for the promotion of the position of the workers in the frames of the society has been developed according to the basic constitutional principles on economic freedoms and social rights, the Law on Labor Relations of Macedonia, the determination of the Republic of Macedonia as a welfare state, the concept of social rights defined in the European Social Charter and the ILO’s core conventions. The basic objectives that arise from the protocol, as Mitreski pointed, are: general improvement of the social and material condition and conditions for work in the Republic of Macedonia, encouraging the process of collective bargaining, providing additional analyzes, possibilities for the pension system in the Republic of Macedonia, providing a vision for forming a general pay strategy.

At the launch of the draft protocol, the efforts for the next period were also presented – providing greater security of the pension system, solvency, transparency, provision of pension insurance on several bases, which will reduce the risk and provide multiple protection for the workers.

The social partners who jointly have to implement the protocol have expressed their willingness for a dedicated work on achieving goals and content. They will jointly agree on the dynamics of implementation, as well as the positions of accountability before the public.

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