Thematic Training Workshop on Occupational Safety and Health for the members of the National and local Economic and Social Councils

On 23-th of March 2017 in Radovish was held a training, on topic Occupational Safety and Health at work organized by ILO, realized from MOSHA through Mr. Milan Petkovski project manager as well as Mrs. Slavica Jankova, Mrs. Snezana Jankova Petkovska and Mrs. Marija Grozdanovska. This training had theoretical and interactive part, followed by short video tracks, which gave a clear message on raising awareness for occupational safety and health at work, building preventive culture and creating safety and health working environment.

Training objectives were:

-To expand the knowledge and awareness of participants on basics for occupational safety and health;

-To achieve improvement of social dialogue on occupational safety and health at work by using tools for communication between civil society organizations and local economic councils.

Participants of this workshop learned about the statistics of occupational accidents and injuries in Macedonia,  received information about cases of practice in direction of law implementation, cost-effectiveness, benefits, tools and guidelines for implementation of legal provisions and regulations for occupational safety and health at work.

During the workshop, based on their own experience, participants decided to set important OSH questions, in which they’re interested in and to make changing effort in their working.

Also, project manager, Mr. Milan Petkovski, presented the vision and activities that follow as part of the project “Increasing capacities and strengthening of the role of the regional CSOs for improvement of the labor conditions and dialogue with Public Institutions”.

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