Annual National OSH Awards 24.02.2017 – Sofia, Bulgaria

On 24.02.2017 Foundation for OSH in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the seventh-time organized annual national OSH awards. The purpose of this event was by examples of good practice in this area to induce the activities related to the prevention and control of workplace risks, through active participation of all stakeholders. The competition for the award traditionally was supported by the main labor inspection under the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, which initiated popularization of the investment for safe and healthy working conditions and benefits.

Present at the event were representatives from many companies from Bulgaria, social partners, representatives of the European Agency for OSH, as well as Project PR officer, Mrs. Andrijana Zafirovska; project officer, Mrs. Frosina Gjino from AOSCHC and Mr.Dragoslav Tomovic, president of SAOSH. Representatives from BALcanOSH awarded prises to companies for best practices, shared their experience as members of BALcanOSH network and activities implemented within the project: “INCREASING CAPACITIES AND STRENGTHENING OF THE ROLE OF THE REGIONAL CSOS FOR IMPROVEMENT OF THE LABOR CONDITIONS AND DIALOGUE WITH PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS”

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