European Week for Safety and Health at Work 24 – 28 October 2016

The campaign theme of the European Week for 2016 and 2017 organized by EU-OSHA, is HEALTHY WORKPLACES FOR ALL AGES, which goal is raising awareness for importance and significance of sustainable working life. As part of the celebration of the European OSH Week were organized two promotional in-house events in the following companies: 25.10.2016 Company […]

Interview with Andrijana Tomić – Project Officer – SAOSH

1.What is the reason to join on this project? There are many challanges working on this project, first of all project has geographically dispersed project teams and according to this we need effectively to coordinate our activities.  Also one of the main challange is communicating and targeting the government and the government institutions especialy at […]

Report on Initial Meeting Held in Beograd on October 14

On 14.10. 2016 starting from 3 p.m., on International fair – 112 EXPO, Serbian Association for Occupational health and safety presented the project „Increasing capacities and strengthening the role of regional CSO for improving labour conditions and labour dialogue with public institutions funded by the European Union. Participation besides the representatives of Ministry of Labor, […]

Izvještaj o inicijalnom sastanku u Beogradu 14. 10. 2016

Dana 14.10. 2016 godine u sa početkom u 15h na Međunarodnom sajmu prevencije i reagovanja u vanrednim situacijama bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu – 112 EXPO, Udruženje za bezbednost i zdravlje na radu Srbije je predstavilo projekat „Povećanje kapaciteta i jačanje uloge regionalnih organizacija civilnog društva (CSO) za poboljšanje uslova rada i dijaloga sa javnim […]