Interview with Albi Gjino- member of steering committee

In your opinion, what are the key activities that need special attention in implementation of project?

In my opinion, the key activities that need special attention would be study visits in EU countries that we regard as success stories, with the highest productivity. Also public outreach through all possible forms of media, and also through conferences and cross sector meetings.

On what  level is awareness of the workers and employers in direction of safety and health at work?

I believe larger companies, especially those that require experiences professionals are taking good care of fulfilling the safety standards and providing a healthy environment for their employees. On the other hand, small companies or companies whose employees are easily replaceable, I think either they are unaware of the safety issues or they don’t care much because they can always replace the employees, and try to keep the costs down.

For your opinion what steps are needed to raise public awareness in promoting health and safety at work?

I think we could start with social media, especially because the costs are low and if you do a good job, a good and persistent job, you can have a very good outreach. Once public presentation has been mastered, we can then go to the mass media which has highers costs, higher responsibility, but is the next step towards a general shift in the viewpoint towards work safety.

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