PR officer, Andrijana Zafirovska, guest on National Macedonian TV- Telma

PR officer, Andrijana Zafirovska was quest in on of the national TVs during the morning show. She discussed and announced the celebration of April 28, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. He also announced the following project activities – promotion of OSH  studies, in each of the implementator countries , study visit […]

Promotion of the project

Regional PR/media expert, Bojan Kordalov, use every opportunity to promote the project. He was quest on National Macedonian TV- Telma where was talking about Camridge analytics, the ability to manipulate voters through social media, the false news etc.

Impressions of the workshops in the region

This year, in order strengthening the regional cooperation for promoting safety and health at work, we realized 5 traininigs. The trainings were attended by over 200 representatives from civil society, media organizations and public institutions. Lecturers were experts on health and safety at work in the country where they were held, as well as experts […]

Interview with Bojan Kordalov- regional PR/media expert

In the frame of the project “Increasing capacities and strengthening of the role of the regional CSOs for improvement of the labor conditions and dialogue with Public Institutions” ,regional PR/media expert, Bojan Kordalov, was part of the trainings in 5 countries. About his impresions but also for important issues regarding using media to promote OSH […]