Grant activities

Kosovar occupational safety and health association in jount organization with Macedonian occupational safety and health association, Safety at Work Association of Montenegro with support of „Sharercem“ and „Friedrich ebert stiftung“. 130 participants from 8 countries from the region took part. Participants was also of organizations of BalkanOSH network. The participants were able to choose between two […]

„Healthy Environment for Healthy Workеrs“

Despite the EU trends for mitigation of the climate change effects, reduction of the industrial pollution and providing healthier environment, the last decade for the Republic of Macedonia was marked with reaching records especially in air quality index (AQI) making the Capital and towns surrounded by industrial activities (Tetovo, Kumanovo, Bitola) number one, the most […]

ECO Centar Serbia

  2018–SvetRada__Br. 3 – Zaštiti zaštitnike    

Regional advocacy center- Delchevo

  Researching: Determination of the situation at the east region in 5 cities (Delcevo, Pehcevo, Berovo, Makedonska Kamenica and Vinica. In the research that will be carried out, 10 companies from the business sector and 10 from the public sector will be involved, companies and institutions that perform various activities. Also the research includes 200 […]

Здружение достоинствен работник

    Decent Worker will educate farmers from the Pelagonia region for safety and health at work  Association for Promotion and Protection of worker`s right Decent Worker in partnership with DID Media DOO Prilep from June 2018 will realize the project “Preventive culture for safety and health of farmers in the municipalities of Prilep and […]

Association for education, communication and consulting OXO

  Project “Minutes before accident” is realized by Association for education, communication and consulting OXO with financial support from the European Commission through grant scheme of the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association. The overall goal of the project is to raise public awareness about occupational safety and health by production of journalistic/documentarist based video […]